DSC 5376The Rossi Barattini family are dedicated to the ancient “Modenese” tradition of balsamic vinegar production. Care is given to the choosing and cooking of the grape must, the selection of barrels, the most appropriate place to age the vinegar and the right processing time.

The resulting balsamic vinegar brings together the experience and the centuries-old tradition and the historical “vaselli” (pots) of some of the oldest families of the province, ancestror of the Rossi Barattini family of Modena.

The lawyer Francesco Aggazzotti, is the great-great grandfather of the actual producers, he was the first Mayor of the Formigine village at the time of the Unification of Italy (1860).

He codified the production method which is reclaimed and cited by all the current producers of balsamic vinegar.

The grape must, from which the products of the Rossi Barattini’s farm derive, is cooked, matured and aged in wooden barrels and comes exclusively from grapes harvested by the family’s very own rows.

This preserves the flavour and quality that defies the centuries chosen and perfected by the family themselves.

The Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena product of the Rossi Barattini Family is certified DOP and is controlled by the certification authority CERMET.

The product therfore maintains the natural food characteristics without the addition of any materials other than cooked must and wine vinegar.