Black cherries 1150ml

Ingredients: Black cherries of Modena, sugar.

Jar: Gourmet square shape glass jar  300 ml – Bruni glassware. Golden cap 200gr and 325gr finished product.

Avarage batch duration: 36 months from the production date

Ultimate PH 3.5 (+/-10%), Sugar 19% (+/-10%), Total sugar 40 (+/-10%)

The Black cherries of Modena, produced by the Rossi Barattini farm, are harvested and stoned by hand at the optimal moment of their maturation. They are steam cooked  with the only addition being sugar.

This patient and careful process keeps the fruit’s integrity taste and color intact.
The natural acidity characteristics of the black cherries are complemented with the right amount of sugar which balances the taste creating, in this way, a particularly enjoyable product.

Besides eating it, it’s usually used for cooking cobblers or any other baked goods to enhance flavor.

It’s delcious with custard  or chocolate ice-cream.

Does not contain artificial coloring or preservatives.