Black inkwell – Bittersweet food condiment of Modena

Ingredients: Cooked must, wine vinegar, glass bottle inkwell model 100 ml –SHELF LIFE: 10 years from  the production date.

Density  >1.24kg/lt

Acidity  6°

Apperance: Fluid (visual evaluation)

Color: Distinct brown (visual evalutation)

Aroma: Distinct aroma of Balsamic Vinegar of Modenaa, bittersweet (sensory evaluation)

Grapes used: Grasparossa of Castelvetro

This bittersweet condiment  is aged for several months  in wooden barrels.

It is commonly used to season salads and cooked dishes and used on raw vegetables and for fried and roasted meat.

Package of 12 pieces in carton box. Supply in single box or only the bottle.

Product code CBM100B with glass bottle in single box 100 ml

STORAGE: this product, whether in an open or closed bottle, has to be stored at room temperature from 6 to 30 °C in a dry place, keep the bottle closed with a stopper.

It’s recommended to not expose the product to extreme temperature changes,  prolonged exposure to sunlight or stow in fridge/freezer rooms.